Dactyl 2 - preview

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Now that Dactyl 1 has had over 750,000 downloads, it's time to march out Dactyl 2.  Well, almost time.  Here are some screenshots of the current version:

Screenshot 2008-10-19 00:39:05 -0500-1.png

Screenshot 2008-10-19 00:40:06 -0500-1.png

Screenshot 2008-10-19 00:41:04 -0500-1.png

Dactyl - over 200,000 downloads

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This week marks Dactyl passing the 200,000 download mark.  We have been asked a number of questions/comments regarding the game.  Here are some of the common ones, along with our answers.

Q. What's the deal with the touching the background...why does it have to end the game?
A. The rationale behind this is to prevent players from indiscriminately hitting as many points on the screen as possible with each "round".  There are alternatives that punish the user less harshly, and these may be implemented in the sequel (see below).  But as far as the original Dactyl goes, it's fast and unforgiving, and so the rule will probably stay.

Q. Is the game calibrated correctly?  On numerous occasions, I've hit the bomb but it registered as a background hit.
A. Yes, it's properly calibrated--the touch sensitive area coincides exactly with a rectangle that surrounds the bomb.  What happens is that the part of your finger that actually touches the screen first isn't always the part you think...

Q. Maybe when you bring out a new version you could have different levels or something also have you though about a highscore ranking system that u can view so u know targets to beat and to see what rank you are in the world?
A.  Oddly enough, we have been working on a sequel (aptly named "Dactyl 2") that fits this description exactly.  This will be a larger, more substantial game, but will nevertheless consist of mindless dexterity challenges.  

Included is a rough glimpse of the juggling level.

In addition to multiple levels, Dactyl 2 will contain a "global high score" system...that is, you will be able to submit your score to a high score website and compare yourself with players around the world.

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