Coming soon...Garf 1.0

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Garf 1.0 is coming, with all new graphics...part of it looks remarkably similar to WebGarf, so check out the previous entry to get an idea of what to expect.

And a new website is coming as well...stay tuned.

Web Garf

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Here's a little Java version of one of the new Garf 1.0 levels that you can play in your web browser:

If you don't have a Java capable web browser, here is a screen shot:


There are still a few issues with this version, specifically the sound.  You might want to disable it by pressing the speaker button.  

To play, click on the link above, and wait for the applet to load.  When you see the ladybugs, hit the "New Game" button, which is the button in the top right.  

As you can see, there are a number of differences between "Old Garf" and Garf 1.00.   Besides the vastly improved graphics, there is the "lives box" in the bottom right hand corner.  This means you get three chances before the game ends.

Also, there are levels, but Web Garf currently only has one level, Level 2.

The user "TheAppleTree" over at has posted a new theme for Garf called "Garf Plastic"...

I don't know if it's on any installer repository, but you can download her theme here. (Link to the thread)

Make sure you get the one packaged as an add-in Garf theme...the other package may not be compatible with Garf 0.50.

Garf version 0.5

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Garf version 0.50 should be on Installer at some point in the near future.  (Here is a copy for manual installation: )


Things have obviously gotten bigger in this version...the buttons are elder/child friendly. 

Also, there are gaming modes.  In addition to "Regular Mode", there is "Reverse Garf" and "AntiGarf".  There are no instructions for these have to figure them out yourself.  (But "Reverse Garf" should be self explanatory).    

There is also some added support for firmware version 1.1.3, as well as for version 1.0.2.  (I'm not totally sure it will work in 1.0.2...someone please let me know if it doesn't).

Apparently, this version of Garf works fine with version 1.0.2.

Creating Garf themes

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To make your own theme, you will need to first make graphics (transparent png) for the four buttons (in both states, light and dark).  You should also make a background png.  Save all these graphics in a directory named after your theme.

Next, copy the following file into your directory:
Now edit it with a text-editor.  It should be pretty self explanatory...some instructions are in the file.  You should specify the filenames, x, y, width, height, and pitch frequency for each of the buttons.

When you are done, you can copy your new Garf theme directory into the following directory:
It should automatically show up on the Garf "Theme" menu the next time you run the game.

For example, if you wanted to make a theme called "OldSchool", you would first create a directory called "OldSchool" and put all of the theme files in it.  You would edit the "skins.cfg" file.  You would then copy the directory onto your iPhone/iPod Touch.  The Garf application will detect the following file: /private/var/root/Media/Skins/Garf/OldSchool/skins.cfg, and will display your theme name on the "Theme" menu. 

Garf version 0.32

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Garf version 0.32 has been out a little while is available on the ModMyiFone repository, which is now one of the community sources on Installer.  It will only work for firmware versions 1.1.1 and above.

garf_screen_2.jpgThe main new improvement of this version over the previous one (0.25) is the new skins system.  You can now donwload skin packs off of the repository.  After downloading, run Garf and hit the Settings button in the bottom right corner.  You will notice a "Theme" menu.  Tap on it, and then select which theme you wish to use.  (Pictured is the "Cartoon" theme, available on ModMyiFone repository).

You may notice that the tones may be different...themes are now allowed to specify the pitch of the sound for each button.  They can also specify the button location and button size.

If you are using 1.0.2 and you accidentally install the new one and for some reason don't want to update your firmware, you can get version 0.25 from the SourceForge project page.

To install manually, first download the zip file for version 0.25 and unzip it somewhere on your home computer.  Then SSH to the iPhone and use it to copy the folder you unzipped ( into the /Applications directory on your iPhone. 

You should make sure the permissions are set so that it can be executed...your SSH program will most likely be able to do this.  If it asks for a number, enter 755.  If it gives you a grid consisting of the Read, Write, and Execute, then make sure at least all of the reads and all of the executes are selected.

The permissions should be set on both the folder ( and the executable file inside the folder (garf).


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